Torremolinos to Fuengirola Castle, Spain


Torremolinos to Fuengirola Castle, Spain

This walk is located near Malaga, in Southern Spain. We had flown over from our home in Manchester to Malaga and were staying in Torremolinos where we have stayed many times before. There are many walks in the vicinity, together with fantastic beaches and restaurants. Transport links are good with regular cheap bus services. This flat walk is ten miles, and it took us just over 4 hours, but we stopped for breakfast along the way. Numerous restaurants and cafes are passed, giving good options for breakfast and lunch. The walk is either on the promenade, or the pavement by the sea, ending at Castle Sohail in Fuengirola, it offers a relatively easy day out with fantastic views in both directions. I love walking by the sea.

The walk begins on the promenade by Burger King, on the border of Torremolinos and Benalmadena, then heads towards Fuengirola. If you have not visited before, the walk could be started by walking through the very pretty Benalmadena marina, past many restaurants and shops. However, we cut through the back of Bobby Peru's restaurant, along the road at the back of the marina, past a play area and Supercor supermarket - always handy, open late and on a Sunday morning. Following the road round the roundabout, going down the steps to another promenade. On one side is the beautiful Benalmadena beach, and on the other side numerous shops, cafes and restaurants. After a mile on the right note the original whitewashed fisherman's cottages that have now been converted into apartments. The fish restaurants at this point are very popular, having barbeques placed in an old fishing boat, a feature of this part of Spain.

The promenade ends with a ramp, to the right is a well known feature-windmill roundabout- with lots of little plastic flags on it. Go left and follow the pavement  to Castle Bil Bil built in 1927, in a Moorish style. If it is open it is definitely worth a look inside, with rustic tiles and a pretty central courtyard. It was originally a private residence until the 1980s, but is now owned by Benalmadena council, with exhibitions, concerts and weddings being held here. Last time we visited there was a really interesting historic photographic exhibition of the area.

Two hundred metres after Castle Bil Bil we turned left onto a new beach boardwalk reaching  Sunset Beach Club Hotel after 2 miles. There are beautiful views from the headland down the coast to our destination Fuengirola and back towards Malaga and the mountains. Continuing along the path until it crosses a little beach, the old steps (but not that old) are straight ahead, but these have now been shut due to a landslide. New steps to the right are now open, leading to the main road, where we turned left. The walk now leaves the promenade until Los Boliches is reached in another 2.5 miles. Don't  despair though as the walk follows the road overlooking the sea, with places of interest along the way.

One hour after leaving Torremolinos we arrived at Cafe Yucas, where we stopped for breakfast. I would really recommend this cafe, if busy it is well worth the wait to sit in the outside area, with sublime views and the beach below. If you don't fancy walking any further bus number 110 can be caught back to Torremolinos. Or sometimes after a coffee, we have turned round and walked the 3 miles back to Torremolinos, a great walk with views the other way.

Ten minutes after Cafe Yucas, the Trocadero Restaurant is reached. It is relatively expensive, but we have called in previously for coffee. The location of the restaurant, again overlooking the sea,  together with the decor on all floors, is really worth a visit. Unlike Cafe Yucas it was empty/or not quite open on a Sunday morning. Another ten minutes and elephant roundabout is reached owned by Holiday World Resort, check out the size of this hotel complex.

Five and a half miles from the start the outskirts of Fuengirola are reached, we turned left down Calle Pena to the beach at Los Boliches. Continuing along the wide promenade for another one hour 15 minutes, passing plenty of shops, the marina, bars, restaurants and the beautiful wide beach. There was a photographic exhibition on the promenade which was quite interesting showing175 years of Fuengirola.

Look out for the black bull statue standing on the hill top near Los Boliches-a feature in Spain.

Where the promenade goes over the Rio Fuengirola we turned right past a cafe, then left up the obvious steep path to Castle Sohail. The castle was built in 956 by Abd-ar-Rahman III to strengthen the coastal defences. In 2000 the castle was renovated, turning the ruins of the castle into a tourist attraction and a space used for concerts and other festivals. There are also excavated stone ruins on display which are pre-Roman. The castle has free entry, and free toilets, it is closed on Mondays, but the rest of the week is open in the morning then late afternoons-but check the website. On the reverse of the information board in Spanish, is a useful English version. Again we have visited previously, and really enjoy climbing the castle walls for more great views. 

From Fuengirola either the bus, or the train can be caught back to Torremolinos.

Distance 10 miles (16km)

Duration of Walk 3 Hours 30 mins

Steps  27253

Elevation Gained-326 feet (100m) not much, as by the sea


As usual take a phone, sun hats, sun tan lotion. There are plenty of opportunities to have drinks and food along the way, this adds to the walk, being able to sit and enjoy the views. It is worth taking your time on this walk, enjoying the views and cafes. Once in Fuengirola, a walk round the town can be done too.

We have walked this a couple of times, don't be put off by the section along the road. It still has great views, and the rest of the walk makes up for it. Or just walk part of this route, then catch a bus from the main road back to Torremolinos, or onwards to Fuengirola.

The black bull statues were originally put up to advertise Osborne a type of Spanish sherry, near roads. They have now become a symbol of Spain, so much so that they are now maintained by the Government, the advertising having been removed and their size standardised at around 10m. There are 89 in Spain, see how many you can spot, usually silhouetted on a low hill top. Interestingly there are still some found in Mexico, used for their original purpose.

This area of Southern Spain is accessible from England either by driving through France and Spain, or flying to Malaga  then hiring a car or catching the reliable, cheap public transport.

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